Bottle labels Thankyou for the love, Mr X Stitch!


Practical work has taken a quick break off while I have been making the major, major decision of re-applying to university. I feel a Masters (postraduate) degree would provide me with the ideal diverse creative environment in which to further my personal practice. And all in a matter of weeks, I have not only applied, […]

Bottle labels

Drum roll please….. finally, after continual interruptions from the rest of my life, my initial series of embroidered alcohol-bottle labels are (for now, at least) complete. See here for one of the original works-in-progress. They have found their final home back on their original bottles and I think they look wonderful, even if I do say so […]


Sang My Chemical Romance: ‘Blood, blood, gallons of the stuff, I gave you all that you can drink and it’ll never be enough…’ This latest embroidery was conceived as part of a page of doodles visually portraying words as their meanings suggest. Therefore ‘blood’ had to be liquid, fluid and curvaceous. The varying heights of […]


 11cm x 6cm Another embroidered piece taking its inspiration from the scintillating subject of human anatomy. I find biology fascinating – a small part of me still wishes I’d trained as a surgeon instead of putting my nimble fingers to a textile-related use of needles. Since seven years in medical school would have likely drained […]


Amongst my band-logo experimentations, here is the idea for my next major project. The Metallica logo may be pretty neat, but copying somebody else’s artwork isn’t as fulfilling as designing my own. Well, not exactly designing from scratch. This next offering  is, as were my chocolate wrappers, a re-wording of an existing logo. The Coca-cola […]


I just can’t get enough of various fonts and typefaces at the moment. I keep a scrapbook on the go filled with various magazine cuttings and flyers as my go-to ‘lettering collection’ whenever I’m in need of inspiration. A few days ago, however, I was rifling through my stacks of CDs realizing that a lot […]


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