Recommended listening – ‘This is the Self Preservation Society’ Hand embroidered Mini Cooper logo in my trademark style of padded couched metallic thread – overall stitched area 14 x 13cms. This piece was made as a present for a car fanatic and although isn’t great art, is nevertheless a good example of how a logo […]


Tonight marks the end of my participation in Exhibit Here’s group show, based at the Menier Gallery in London. I was fortunate enough to be selected for their group Summer Exhibition with my chocolate bar series. The Menier Factory (Southwark Street, London) used to be an old chocolate factory, so how fitting that I was showing […]


‘Art is the most intense mode of individualism that the world has ever known’ – Oscar Wilde. ‘Emerging Artist': a phrase conjuring up images of an oil-paint splattered student tearing her way out of an embroidery-thread chrysalis, wielding a portfolio in one hand and desperately updating social media in the other. But what does it actually […]

'Gin Gloves' for Karen Coughlan, 'Fabric of the City' exhibition

Last night saw the opening of London Met’s new exhibition, ‘Fabric of the City’. Drawing upon East London’s rich textile tradition, a number of artists were invited to use the 17th century weaving of Spitalfields Silk as an inspiration point from which to formulate a contemporary work. I had the wonderful opportunity to work on a […]

DSCF0715 A lovely write-up of my chocolate bar series over at Beautiful Decay magazine!


‘If anybody ever asks us, let’s just tell them we met in Jail‘ – ‘Recovery’, Frank Turner ‘If you’re lost at sea, close your eyes and catch a tide my dear, and only think of me‘ – FT Let me tell you a story about a couple I know, musician Frank Turner, a hand-embroidered cushion […]


DAY OF THE THREAD Breaking news has just emerged that will take the embroidery and crafting world by storm. It has come to this reporter’s attention that black stranded cotton – the sort commonly used in cross stitch and freestyle hand-embroidery – is in desperately short supply worldwide. Blackwork, a form of counted embroidery (see […]


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