Goldwork ransom letter

Welcome to my new and improved blog! In-between trying to understand the technicalities of a new site, the goldwork embroidery is still well underway. Here is a sneak preview of my latest project, which I’m working on alongside my series of alcohol labels.

Text gone a little twisted

Text gone a little twisted

Since I have a fascination with text and typography, I wanted to produce a piece centred solely around letters. I was looking back through some old sample pieces, from when I was first learning the technique of ‘or nue’ couching – and instead of needlessly labouring over whole words, would instead do one letter in each style and variation of technique I wished to practice. That made me think of the ‘traditional’ style of ransom notes, with letters chopped out from magazines or newspapers to preserve the author’s anonymity.

This is a snippet of a kidnap letter, the original of which provided my phrase ‘This is going to hurt’. It does cross my mind that the victim may have expired in the time it actually takes to execute an in-depth embroidery like this, but then again, the original wasn’t stitched….

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