Embroidered Budweiser label COMPLETE

Yes, the happy day is finally here! Many millions of couching stitches later and here it is. Another exercise in my patience and traditional goldwork ‘or nue’ technique. As always, the finished piece is the size of the actual label, which I intend to glue back onto the bottle for a photoshoot.

For those of you new to my blog, yes, this was done entirely by hand without a sewing machine in sight.

When you think how every single solid patch of colour that isn’t red (ie the vast expanse of white) has beenachieved by lots of separate couching stitches, worked side-by-side in a single strand of embroidery cotton, you can begin to appreciate the hours involved. I didn’t actually time this one but my patience prevailed…..

In other news, I may be about to start some work for prestigious hand embroidery atelier ‘Hand and Lock’ based in London, so watch this space!



One comment

  1. What an amazing piece! Hmm, how to wrap my head around how many hours it must have taken…

    Very exciting about Hand & Lock, can’t wait to read the details. 🙂

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