New Job Offer! – Hand and Lock

Very exciting news has landed my way! As of tomorrow, I will be accepting a job offer at prestigious hand embroiderers Hand and Lock, established 1767. Based just off Oxford street, London, I am very much looking forward to this fantastic opportunity to broaden my technical stitch ability and broaden my professional scope of expertise.

Initially, especially during my first few months of training, I will be focusing primarily on perfecting my stem stitch monograms and goldwork items. Last week, during my three -day trial period, I sat and worked stem stitch in two variations. The first example was the stitch itself worked in single strands of cotton, occasionally switching into satin stitch at the widest part of the letter. Not only must the stitches be smooth and uniform, the direction worked is also important. The second sample is goldwork ‘S-ing’, basically the same principle as stem stitch, but with cut tubes of gold purl pearl forming each ‘stitch’:

stem stitch monogram trial

S-ing text sample

Hardly up to standard yet. But I have patience and perciverence. Some more practice and I perceive I will be having a lot of stitch-related fun!



  1. Congratulations! That’s very exciting and I’m so happy for you. 🙂

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