You Raise Me Up: felt padded embroidery

Back to the studio now I’m back at home for a bit, and well underway with some new samples. It’s moving more into the three-dimensional again, practicing some of the padding techniques I perfected on the Mary Katrantzou project, and using felt underneath the gold passing thread.

It started off with circles, progressed into stars, and is currently exploring the tendril-like ‘strings’ winding around into Celtic knots.


2-dimensional has been explored: I’m excited about moving ‘up’ (sorry for an awful pun there…)   And this technique allows me to be ‘precise’, to keep everything neat and exact, which suits me well. If you don’t cover the felt, by putting the threads too spaced out, it’ll show through and ruin the finished effect. Get the threads too close together, however, and they may bunch up and look equally unprofessional.


Felt padding: the more layers, the higher it is. Start from the bottom one up, with each subsequent layer slightly larger than the last, ending up in the top layer which should be the size of the ‘finished thing’.



  1. I really like the contrast on the gold and silver one

  2. Just wondering what your ground fabric is? Really enjoying your blog 🙂

    1. Katie – it’s just a plain cotton. For the ‘playing around’ samples it really doesn’t matter, as long as it’s a close enough weave to get the detail of the stitches into (I can’t work on really loosely-woven fabric.) Dare I say it, I’ve been known to chop up bedsheets before!

      1. Oh that’s cool, I use pillowcases 😉

  3. Yasmeen · · Reply

    Hello thank u for sharing this with us 😊 I have one question what kind of theards u use under the felt ?

    1. Hi Yasmeen, the felt is just normal felt stitched down with single-strand machine cotton. It’s the lots of layers that give it height. And then the metallic threads are stitched with the same machine cotton.

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