Corporate Chocolate Logos

ImageMore embroidered logos: this time, two of Cadbury’s chocolate bar wrappers (the king of chocolate here in England) and the worldwide-recognisable McDonalds ‘M’.

These embroideries continue from the themes explored in my previous blog post, raising up embroidery using felt and string padding. These techniques are commonly used in the ‘Goldwork’ embroidery area, but here, I have begun to combine traditional methods with more contemporary aesthetics.


Firstly, the ‘Picnic’ logo. It’s not an exact representation – I wasn’t focusing on the raisins and peanuts you’ll notice on the real label – because I was more interested in the heart of the letters and the background they nestle on. Gold passing forms the outermost (and least padded in height) layer, with a red layer of PVC upon which additional padding for the letters was added. White PVC, cut to exact shape and edged in more gold passing, completes the design.


The next number is the ‘Wispa’ bar wrapper. This provided an opportunity to experiment further with different ways to ‘fill up’ the padded preparation. The techniques are as follows: W – appliqued red cotton edged with couched purple thread, I – Pearl Purl (a traditionally goldwork thread), S – appliqued PVC, P – red metallic thread couched in concentric circles, A – appliqued kid leather. Image

As the above photo shows, the height of the letters has been retained, using a mixture of felt and string underneath

ImageFinally, a logo that needs no introducing. Gold passing worked over a padding on a red silk background.

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