An update about what I’m up to

Amongst my studio-based stitch shenanigans, things are getting exciting.

Last week I spent the day in London and went to meet luxury gentleman’s outfitters Crombie to discuss a bespoke hand-monogramming service. After a very enjoyable meeting, in which I presented some samples and discussed possibilities, I hope to be part of a corporate event in the upoming month to launch the concept of personalised, hand-monogrammed shirts. How exciting is that! The exquisite quality of their shirts would be amazing to work on and I’m very excited to see how this opportunity will unfold.


In preparation, I’ve been hard at work practicing perfect lettering…

Whilst in London, I also stopped by the Hand Weaver’s Studio in North London. The concept of ‘a kid in a sweetshop’ springs to mind, with a myriad of multicoloured delights beckoning temptingly from endless rows of shelves. Amidst a multitude of many different types and colours of thread, I decided I could spend a small fortune if only my bank balance would permit me. Instead, I focused primarily on the plastic-based ‘novelties’, continuing my personal experimentation into nylon fishing wire and couching over plastic cords. One thread in particular excites my curiosity as to its’ possibilities: glow-in-the-dark plastic cord and a thin strand to embroider with. So, what to stitch…!


Finally, some news about teaching for Fine Cell Work is expected in the next couple of weeks. Watch this space.


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  1. Jane S. · · Reply

    Kid in a candy shop indeed! I would find myself wanting one of everything. 🙂

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