Chocolate wrappers re-written: Kit Kat


The next in my chocolate wrapper series. Quite an obvious eating-disorder-related pun this time….


I’m not entirely happy with how this one turned out. I’m still preparing the background and the text with padding, as I like the raised-up effect, totally different to how the original labels lie completely flat. However, this time I think it worked against me. The ‘i’ and the first ‘t’ have ‘spread out’ beyond the limits of their borders, causing the letters to touch when there should be the slightest gap remaining between them. I think this is because that when so many layers of couching are applied on top of the felt, the ones at the very sides can get pushed out. (On an entirely flat piece, this wouldn’t happen.)

Or maybe I’m just being too fussy. But my perfectionistic doubts remain.



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