Heavy Metal (Thread) Embroidery

I just can’t get enough of various fonts and typefaces at the moment. I keep a scrapbook on the go filled with various magazine cuttings and flyers as my go-to ‘lettering collection’ whenever I’m in need of inspiration. A few days ago, however, I was rifling through my stacks of CDs realizing that a lot of band logos are actually pretty typographically interesting.

Since I’m a big fan of my rock and metal, cue the mighty Metallica…


The technique is the same as all of my previous posts – metal thread couched over felt padding. Technically this particualr technique belongs to the ‘Goldwork’ family, but since I rarely use gold and tend to favour silver or other metallic colours, my embroidery is best described as ‘Metal thread work.’ And what better subject to turn my metal thread to than some good noisy metal music? This piece had the added intricacy of some pointy-ended letters: the first and last letters had to be kept sharp and pointy, a challenge considering the ‘natural’ thing to do seems to be to curl the thread around the corners in a soft curve and continue couching. metallica2

No more sweat and beer-soaked band logo T-shirts metal gig-goers are more familiar with: this logo is couture-standard and will be kept as such!

And let’s throw in a 3D metal thread-worked star while we’re here.




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