More chocolate bar labels underway

Apologies for the apparent radio silence in recent weeks. The Masters Degree has been keeping me busy with an entire new body of work I’m not yet ready to publish here. But what I can show you is the continuation of my chocolate bar label series, in which I embroider re-worded versions of existing logos. (NB: A sense of familiarity with UK chocolate branding will stand you in good stead to understand my puns!)


Mars’ ‘Snickers’ bar


Cadbury’s ‘Picnic’ bar

Both of these are still works in progress: tomorrow’s task is to perfect the embroidered peanuts to adorn each work .

I have had an emotional rollercoaster of a fortnight, and as a result, have found myself feeling vulnerable to my ‘old monsters’ (namely, the eating disorder.) But this body of work is my empowerment: being finally able to open the topic to discussion in a way I can control. What is essentially an excessively ugly entity can be transformed, via the delicacy and intricacy of my embroidery, into something really rather beautiful.There is a preciousness, almost an obsessive quality to my stitch I enjoy nurturing. Ideally, I want these works to be perceived as small wonders of perfection. Perhaps this is a subconscious substitute for the physical ‘me’, and the projection of an outwardly ‘perfect’ aesthetic I feel I will never be comfortable with. What is definite is that my sudden return to this topic, my desire to express myself via this medium, is done not out of duress – because I feel the need to ‘finish’ this series – but because I NEED to make this work right now.

Art should be honesty. I am baring the demons of my soul here. And if I can transform them into beautiful monsters, so much the better. I do not feel the beauty detracts from the integrity of what is essentially a horrible subject matter: in fact, I feel it a vital part of the process.


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