Cadburys logo rewritten

Each country has its own universally available chocolate brand. America has Hersheys: Europe has Milka. Here in England, the (arguable) king of mass-produced chocolate confectionery is Cadburys. Founded almost 200 years ago in Birmingham by a Mr. John Cadbury himself, who specialised in drinking-chocolate powder, the brand has evolved to be a worldwide consumer phenomenon.


And it is with Cadburys that the potential for personal addiction lies…..

This visual pun works through the retention of the original capital ‘C’ with its instantly recognisable swirling shape. Hand-embroidered with gold passing thread over a padded base, atop a purple velvet background. Stitched area 11.5 x 5cms.


The purple velvet background was a wonderful tactile experience to work with. I found myself imbibed with the urge to sit and gently stroke it instead of getting on with the embroidery… (In reality the colour is a lot closer to the ‘original’ purple Cadbury’s use, but my camera seems unwilling to capture this in this evening’s appalling light.) The royal purple colour combined with the velvet texture evokes a feeling of royalty, of majesty. The gold thread further enhances this idea of ‘something special’. Traditionally, goldwork embroidery was used extensively for regal and ecclesiastical applications: it seems fitting, therefore, to repurpose such ‘materials of reverence’ to an item I view as almost worthy of worship.



  1. Its annoying when cameras dont see colour right.

    I think you should do the rest of the label (I’m a dark girl myself, even bournville tastes like fat and sugar to me, cos theres not enough cocoa in it, I ahven’t eaten cadbury in decades. but I did have a bar of hotel choc supeermilk for pudding.)

  2. Stunning & beautiful work. There is a Cadbury factory 90min drive away & they are one of the main chocolate companies in NZ. Your bricking work is exquisite, I hope you are proud of both your designs & your workmanship.

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