Smarties wrapper

Another painstakingly hand-embroidered, re-written pun of Nestles ‘Smarties’ chocolates. Bulimia scars the sufferer, mentally and sometimes physically, so here is my visual acknowledgement disguised – as usual – behind the multicoloured mask of something seemingly far less sinister.

Slightly underwhelmed by this one. Definitely my least favourite in the series so far:


Nestle ‘Smarties’ packet. The sweets themselves became infamous several years ago for containing blue colouring that allegedly made small children intensely hyperactive, my brother included. These days, blue Smarties have lost their vivid neon artificial blue to be replaced by an insipid, entirely natural colourant.

My smarties are appliqued PVC shapes, painted with acrylic to the correct shade. I simply couldn’t source 8 different precise colours of PVC, so I painted them. Admittedly the surface has a more matt finish and very tiny brushstrokes are visible upon intense inspection, but colour-wise I think I have been successful.


I think I dislike this as an overall design because of its almost total reliance upon applique and absolute lack of metallic threads, a first in this series. For me, the traditional metallic gold (or red, or silver) couched metallic threads ‘bring the design to life’, they provide an element of majesty and of brilliance. Without their inclusion, this seems metaphorically ‘flat’. Even the comparatively large background areas of turquoise long-and-short-stitch shading seem unrefined (in terms of design if not my technical execution).

Still, it’s stitched up, so now on to the next idea. I have a concept in mind involving medieval manuscripts and hula-hoops, a combination sure to include my favourite elements of metal thread in the design (after all, goldwork has its traditional roots in ecclesiastical origins). Stay tuned for the new year.

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