Toffee Crisp

Happy new year readers!

My final embroidery of 2014 – Nestle’s chocolate bar ‘Toffee Crisp’, twisted into the far more appropriate ‘Toffee Crisis’.


Eating disorder puns aside, ‘Toffee Crisis’ nearly became a very real possibility for me whilst driving to the supermarket to acquire another ‘source of inspiration’ (realistically, more chocolate). An icy roundabout totally devoid of any grit sent me spinning sideways in quite a terrifying moment. God bless British roads in the winter. Thankfully both myself and car survived and, wrists intact, I’m now able to continuing embroidering into 2015.


As usual, this logo is at 100% scale of the original wrapper. In comparison, the ‘Toffee Crisp’ lettering proved to be slightly smaller than the typeface used on other logos: however, although I did briefly consider enlarging this one, I felt to have done so would be to have spoilt the integrity of the series somewhat. Although these are not intended to directly mimic the dimensions of the exact chocolate bar – meaning they will not be presented necessarily true to form – I do feel the connection between the ‘real’ logo and my puns is stronger if the scale of the lettering itself is kept true.



  1. How come i have never seen a toffee crisp for sale? Thanks for sharing yoyr story.

    1. Because I can be found stalking the supermarket candy aisles buying up anything with a vaguely re-workable title….!

  2. Jessica Jayne · · Reply

    That is stunning! And now i have a craving for toffee crisps…

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