Precision-pieced stripes and obsession

Quite a sideline from my main body of chocolate-wrapper work. Here are a few of my experimentations with piecing together striped fabric. My eating disorder chocolate bars speak of obsession, of unwavering attention to self-imposed conditions. These fabric drawings also talk of exacting standards and of the ‘pursuit of perfection.’

Here are a couple of sketchbook pages (3x A4 sheets):


The colours are largely irrelevant: they simply happened to be whatever I could source to hand in 2mm wide stripes. (I would have gone for smaller, but this seemed the limit of what I could procure without resorting to printing it myself.) Then the challenge was to match up white against white and colour against colour EXACTLY. Part of this exercise was simply to indulge my curiosity of ‘is it actually possible:’ or rather, ‘am I technically able to reach these standards.’ For the most part, the answer is an eye-bewildering affirmative. I feel I have achieved success with my stripes.


The amazingly inspirational Louise Bourgeois also utilised striped fabric in some of her works, whose textile pieces I marvel at. However, whereas her work was centred around the concept of using old clothes to link to her identity, for me the fabric has no such symbolic significance. It need not be old, or nostalgic, or of personal significance: I use it simply for the aesthetic reason that ‘it has stripes’. As a visual vocabulary they are proving interesting to work with. I’m not sure where these pieces will progress to: perhaps as a background for something figurative, or to remain as pieces in their own right.


  1. I love that you’re including sewn fabric in a sketchbook format–those pages are beautiful, and so precise!

    1. Thankyou! All my little samples need to ‘go somewhere’ so I like to include them in my sketchbooks for safekeeping… Double sided tape is the answer.

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