Dime Bar


Damn! The ‘Dime’ bar (or ‘Daim’ as it seems to have metamorphosed into here in the UK.)


This marks number 15/16 in the current series of chocolate bars re-written. I’m currently discussing exhibition space whilst planning where my work will take me next. I have many an idea still involving typography and my unique style of three-dimensional metal thread work.


The above photo shows single strand silk shading background stripes and preliminary felt padding. As for my reels of coloured metallic thread, I highly recommend the London-based ‘Benton and Johnson’ (sister company of Toye & Co) – their range of vibrant metallics are unsurpassable and an absolute treat for the imagination. After all, ‘Goldowork’ refers more to a particular set of techniques rather than a pre-requisite for the colour of metal thread to be used. Yet another delightful source to spend the student loan I don’t have!


  1. eadouglas · · Reply

    Do you find this brand of metallic thread easier to work with than others? I’ve been struggling with metalwork for a while!

    1. It’s a lot thinner than any other passing (couching) metal thread I’ve found. Whereas with everything else I couch it down single strand, this type I use two at once. I suppose this makes it a bit more flexible. And if you’re plunging the ends, they’re a lot easier to get threaded in a needle and pulled through to the back.

  2. Are you looking at showing in Brighton? Love this series, and doing the coloured metal thread work course at RSN this year 🙂

    1. I’d love to show in Brighton! I’m based nearer London at the moment for the MA but a show in Brighton would just be wonderful…

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