Chocolate bar series complete!


Whilst appearing to the casual observer as intricate, highly accurately embroidered renditions of popular confectionery logos, this series hides a darker secret. Subtly subverting the messages of many a recognisable chocolate brand, my stitch skills combine with darkly humorous puns to comment on the emotional impact of an eating disorder. What is fundamentally a destructive condition is transformed here in to something aesthetically pleasing, yet perhaps made all the more poignant for its subtext.

The medium of hand stitch is essential to the execution of these designs: a slow, intense, often obsessive process whose unwavering attention to detail mirrors the obsession of an eating disorder. Traditional ‘Goldwork’ techniques such as couching, applique and felt padding have been extensively re-worked and updated to give my work a contemporary edge whilst remaining highly influenced by technique (if not subject matter itself.)

And I am very proud to announce I will be showing these alongside the wonderful Mr X Stitch at this Spring’s Knitting and Stitching Show, Olympia, London, 5th-8th March. I will also be hanging around to help out with the ‘Inspiration Station’ and hopefully inspire some more of you to share my passion for needle and thread. So if you’re there, do drop by and see us!


  1. the work is beautiful, and puns are always fun, but sometimes I think there too much focus on making chocolate a so-called guilty pleasure for women. I’m older now, and possibly a little porkier than I should be, but I’m damned if I’ll feel guilty for enjoying chocolate, and I must admit I don’t understand people who do (ok, so I haven’t eaten anything shiny and cheap since I was a child as I developed fairly gourmet tastes at a very early age) But if you’re even reasonably attractive and buy yourself a chocolate or cream cake you will inevitably get perfect strangers tutting at you and saying in jocular tones that you’ll get fat like its somehow any of thier business (it happened to me a lot when I was younger and I used to wish I hadn’t been to well brought up to tell people to fuck off and mind thier business). I think people should never be made to feel guilty, if you enjoy something as a simple pleasure you don’t need other people complicating it for you

  2. Well done on completing & sharing all the wrappers & doing such an excellent job. I hope creating this amazing art helped you over come some of your personal demons & move you to a happier place. I look forward to your next project too.

  3. um,, what I was trying to say is that I always stuggle with the concept of food guilt, so I don’t really get what all the fuss is about.

    the embrodiery is still gorgeous though

    1. I understand exactly 🙂 as you say, it’s such a shame society is so judgemental, even if you haven’t got a strangely warped eating-disorder-inspired perspective….

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