I will maintain control amidst the chaos

Similar to my previous post – ‘the conformity of counted cross stitch’ – I went a little bit overboard with the counted cross stitch. This time I tried to see how small I could go. It truly does speak of obsession. ‘I will maintain control amidst the chaos’ pertains not only to the sentiment of the phase itself but is replicated within the intensely intricate scale of stitch.


Each sentence measures 12.5cm long. It was stitched using cross stitch into the tiny counted grid of the woven calico, using the warp and the weft as a grid – no aida or eavenweave I could find went down to this ridiculously tiny scale! Even one strand of standard DMC proved too thick, so I resorted to a single strand of machine cotton. It’s certainly the smallest counted stitch I’ve ever attempted. It reminds me of writing lines and all the connotations of intensely focusing whilst attempting to atone for some assumed misendeamour. Which, given the nature of the eating disorder ‘demons’ inspiring this piece, does reflect a personal need for correction or absolution.

maintain2 DSCF1476

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  1. wow. Just wow.

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