The Self Preservation Society


Recommended listening – ‘This is the Self Preservation Society’

Hand embroidered Mini Cooper logo in my trademark style of padded couched metallic thread – overall stitched area 14 x 13cms.

This piece was made as a present for a car fanatic and although isn’t great art, is nevertheless a good example of how a logo can be transformed via the stitch process to create a stunning end result.


The first film I can ever remember watching is – you’ve guessed it, the original ‘Italian Job’ in which 3 Mini Coopers raid a vault full of gold from under the nose of the Italian Mafia. I LOVED the car chase scene (even if long dark tunnels did rather unnerve five-year-old me for fear a JCB would be waiting at the end). I remember fast-forwarding the VCR through the rest of the ‘boring talking’ scenes to see more of the four-wheeled fun. Fast-forward my life to 17, and my first car was – yes, a mini! It was older than me. I suspect I am one of few in my generation who learned to drive with only 4 forward gears, a manual choke and a dodgy clutch mechanism. But I loved every minute I had in that car. I drove it to school, to my sixth form parties, to part-time jobs and even ended up camping out in it on several occasions.


Rose-tinted spectacles and sentimentality aside, these days I’m driving around in the far less iconic Nissan Micra with a broken heater and only one hubcap not to have been stolen. How times change. At least my stitch is still impeccable even if my choice in cars is not!

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