Update: studio space, shows and scribbling

Life is somewhat chaotic at the moment. The end of the academic year (Masters degrees run for a complete year until September) brings with it successes but also its own set of challenges: a move into the unknown and a move out of uni.

Hence I’ve temporarily downed needles and swapped stitch for DIY as I announce a move into some studio space of my very own. I’ve been offered a corner of an existing industrial unit which I plan to turn into Hanging By A Thread Embroidery HQ complete with shelves, storage and everything I need to run my embroidery empire. I also intend to hold an open studio session for everyone to come and snoop at my work processes. It’s going to be amazing having my own little organized room to work from that isn’t perched on the side of my bed in one rented uni room, where threads and stitch supplies fight for space in the minuscule wardrobe.

However, this unit has lain virtually untouched for years save as a storage space for everything from moldy cardboard boxes to a microwave so old I estimate it may actually be radioactive. Extensive tidying has revealed crumbling plaster which needs addressing and, more worryingly, rotten floorboards. It’s sufficient to say it’s nowhere near a suitable space to run my obsessively clean, organized and ordered embroidery empire from yet!


Behold an unearthed picture of me, found whilst preparing my studio stuff for the move: Aged eleven with my first sewing machine…

In other news, during this temporary stitch cessation…

I have another exhibition coming up! The chocolate bars will be appearing in the upcoming ‘Modern Panic‘ exhibition with ‘Guerilla Zoo’ in London. It’s an eclectic, eccentric and challenging selection of artists I’m really going to look forward to working with. I’ll be there from the 11th – 22nd November. I was also selected for a collaborative exhibition in the Brick Lane gallery designed especially ‘for emerging artists to gain exposure and recognition’, but as a relatively broke emerging artist  the lovely price tag of £500 prevented me from participating in that one.

I will also be commencing writing a goldwork article over at the fabulous Mr X Stitch on the third saturday of every month. Check out the preliminary interview here.

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  1. Great news on the studio space and another show. That’s brilliant.

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