Volpe D’Oro

(Finally, I’m finding the time to sit and catch up with an ongoing barrage of blog posts that are well overdue writing!)


In January I was approached by an emerging start-up company called ‘Volpe d’Oro‘ (translated: ‘Golden Fox’) to produce a hand-embroidered sample for their London Fashion Week menswear collection.

Volpe d’Oro are not your average fashion startup: encapsulating innovative design, luxury materials and extremely high-quality cashmere, their hooded jackets truly are a thing of beauty. Indeed, having seldom had an opportunity to work with such beautiful (and expensive!) fabric before, it was with a mixture of awestruck anticipation I sat down to work with an envelope full of offcuts of the finest cashmere money can buy.


As the given logo design contained considerable detail to fit into a comparatively small space (my fox measures about 15cms from ear to ear), I chose to go for a bold all-over couching which could be ‘tapered’ into the points and coil sinuously around the  curves of the design. Areas were strategically padded before the gold passing thread was applied, giving my fox three-dimensional impact and accentuating the shapes as the light glances off the gold.

My sample fox was one of a number displayed at Volpe d’Oro’s week long pop-up boutique at Knightsbridge’s Beauchamp Place, along with a spectacular larger fox logo worked by Chloe of Savage Stitch. The myriad of goldwork techniques applied to perfection on her sample certainly turned heads at London Fashion Week and beyond. Chloe and I shared shelf space in the boutique, her exquisite silk shading nestling alongside monogramming and my chocolate bar puns.






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  1. Marie Blandine · · Reply

    Precious !

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