About Me

 Exhibiting my quilt at NEC Festival of Quilts 2011


I am Charlotte Bailey of ‘Hanging By A Thread’, and this blog documents my progress as a freelance embroidery artist specialising in the intricate, the fiddly, the figurative and the fantastic.

After a foundation course at London College of Fashion, I graduated in Hand Embroidery from the Royal School of Needlework. During my time spent studying on the degree course, I successfully learnt to combine traditional technique with my own unique approach to subject matter. This approach remains very fundamental to my own embroidery practice – maintaining an exceptionally high quality of technical execution and integrating my stitching skill into any work I produce.

In 2011, I was priviledged to be a part of the team to work on the Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding dress in the Royal School of Needlework’s studio.

Since graduating, I have worked on a number of freelance collaborations and am pursuing my own personal practice. With my penchant for small-scale, intricate embroidery, I am currently exploring the historical goldwork technique of ‘or nue’ in considerable depth. Typography, lettering and logos all play a major part of my inspirational process.

I live in the beautiful and bohemian city of Brighton on the south coast of England and when I’m not running around following my favourite band, can be found engrossed in my studio doing what I love best – being an embroidery artist!


for my previous blog (now defunct, left as reference only) please see http://www.charlottebailey24.blogspot.co.uk

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