A lovely write-up of my chocolate bar series over at Beautiful Decay magazine!

‘If anybody ever asks us, let’s just tell them we met in Jail‘ – ‘Recovery’, Frank Turner ‘If you’re lost at sea, close your eyes and catch a tide my dear, and only think of me‘ – FT Let me tell you a story about a couple I know, musician Frank Turner, a hand-embroidered cushion […]

DAY OF THE THREAD Breaking news has just emerged that will take the embroidery and crafting world by storm. It has come to this reporter’s attention that black stranded cotton – the sort commonly used in cross stitch and freestyle hand-embroidery – is in desperately short supply worldwide. Blackwork, a form of counted embroidery (see […]

Some of my readers will remember this post in which I described my moving and highly influential visit to Ely Cathedral’s ecclesiastical embroidery exhibition, ‘For Worship and Glory’. Perhaps the most significant piece of work on display, to me at least, was a series of panels entitled ‘The Litany of Loreto’. These panels, currently in the […]

Attempt number three at an embroidered face: blonde bombshell. I wanted to try combining goldwork and silk shading in one portrait, and since I don’t possess any brown metallic passing thread to couch down, my standard brunette model became blonde. (as before, total height 7cms.) Just like the previous attempt, her hair is padded up […]

My most recent embroidered exploits have been attempting the question of how to portray a ‘reasonably realistic’ face in hand embroidery. Partly inspired by the medieval ecclesiastical subject matter of ‘Opus Anglicanum’, I have been experimenting with my own contemporary interpretations. It seems strange I have never attempted a face before and I felt compelled […]

Similar to my previous post – ‘the conformity of counted cross stitch’ – I went a little bit overboard with the counted cross stitch. This time I tried to see how small I could go. It truly does speak of obsession. ‘I will maintain control amidst the chaos’ pertains not only to the sentiment of […]