Chocolate Bar Gallery

Whilst appearing to the casual observer as intricate, highly accurately embroidered renditions of popular confectionery logos, this series hides a darker secret. Subtly subverting the messages of many a recognisable chocolate brand, my stitch skills combine with darkly humorous puns to comment on the emotional impact of an eating disorder. What is fundamentally a destructive condition is transformed here in to something aesthetically pleasing, yet perhaps made all the more poignant for its subtext.

The medium of hand stitch is essential to the execution of these designs: a slow, intense, often obsessive process whose unwavering attention to detail mirrors the obsession of an eating disorder. Traditional ‘Goldwork’ techniques such as couching, applique and felt padding have been extensively re-worked and updated to give my work a contemporary edge whilst remaining highly influenced by technique (if not subject matter itself.)

First exhibited publicly at the Spring Knitting and Stitching Show, London Olympia,  5-8th March 2015

Another chance to see these at the Menier Gallery, London, 28th July – 2nd August 2015




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