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Chocolate wrappers re-written: Kit Kat

The next in my chocolate wrapper series. Quite an obvious eating-disorder-related pun this time…. I’m not entirely happy with how this one turned out. I’m still preparing the background and the text with padding, as I like the raised-up effect, totally different to how the original labels lie completely flat. However, this time I think […]

‘Careless Whispa’: Chocolate wrapper re-written

The next stitched-up installment of text-twisting. Apologies for the pretty crappy photo (I was using the other camera, but it’ll do as a snapshot for now.) If you’re familiar with the Cadbury’s chocolate bar ‘Wispa’, and the George Michael song ‘Careless Whisper’, you’ll see what I did here. Yes. (Just don’t expect to find it […]

Corporate Chocolate Logos

More embroidered logos: this time, two of Cadbury’s chocolate bar wrappers (the king of chocolate here in England) and the worldwide-recognisable McDonalds ‘M’. These embroideries continue from the themes explored in my previous blog post, raising up embroidery using felt and string padding. These techniques are commonly used in the ‘Goldwork’ embroidery area, but here, […]